If you know authentic Mexican food, you know that the story and family behind the food […]
Just on the heels of my fastest food shoot ever was one of the slowest – […]
Y’all (spoken in my best “Oklahoman” voice) I did NOT see this coming. I pulled into […]
I won’t lie to you – it’s been difficult figuring out how to shoot a donut […]
coffees refreshers and matcha hero shot
In Muskogee, Oklahoma, there’s a part of town called the “Depot District” where Doordash hired me […]
One of my first Doordash food shoots was at the Cobbler Mom over on Greenwood in Tulsa, OK. […]
Photo of Zipper, a trailer used for animal rescue in Tulsa
We LOVE working with local non-profits and especially have fun with the Humane Society of Tulsa. […]
Early in my product photography career, I underestimated the power that depth of field holds for […]
Speaker reels are always fun, and this one was no different! Before and during this project […]
Secure your online presence with these 10 tips from Pedro Serrano, CISSP, CISO, and President of […]