candle wax melts styled on pink background

As a business owner myself, I know that your time is valuable, and while you may be a bit of a “jack of all trades” in order to get your business going, sometimes you just have to bring in a professional. (I had to get an accountant to help my business out earlier this year)

I’m offering subscription-based services to help you budget your photography and marketing spend, and candidly, to also help me create more steady income for my business. This trade off is high-value for both of our operations. For you, the small business owner, you can count on me to come in at the date/time you request, to grab the images you need to promote your food and product, and you know that over the course of our time together, you’ll have the regular content and seasonal changes you need to keep your content fresh online and on your socials. For me, I get a chance to throw in tons of freebies, stay longer when needed, and provide consulting and add value that happens so much better with regular repeat visits and ongoing relationships.

I want to not only be your preferred photography vendor, but I really want to build a relationship that allows us to better refer customers to each other, and to allow me to add value to your business without always having to send another invoice or add to your spending.

Friends help friends build each other’s business!

Pictured above are a few wax melts from Bloomerr Beauty Labs in Tulsa, OK. Check them out for any candle-making classes, workshops, and of course, a variety of candles and wax melts!



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