Making your business stand out in the crowd

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to DIY your photos and coming back later to see that you’ve simply blended into the sea of competition around you. Ditch the phone pics and let’s help your product outshine the storefronts around it with professional commercial photography.

Monthly Subscription

With my subscription-based services, you get more for less. Paying for sessions as needed leads to your projects feeling more segmented and separated from each other over time. By setting up a subscription, we’re able to strategize your content plan throughout the year to ensure that we hit all of your major sales, events, and get your marketing content on constant refresh. Plus, with our membership model, I’m not watching the clock for the end of your session, and our conversations are able to be more collaborative for long term success. Advertising photography should be consistently customized to your brand.

quality photos Customized to your brand

Snowing outside, but need to get your summer content ready? Not a problem. No matter your brand’s look and feel, I can create the environment you need in any situation to produce the best results for your marketing efforts. I love working with teams large and small to help build a cohesive experience for your customers in any advertising campaigns.

Tulsa Product Photography Questions & Answers

Why is product photography important?

It visually represents your brand, influences purchase decisions, and can increase sales, both in-store and online. Our commercial photography services help you stand out and show off the details of your hard work.

How to your Tulsa product photographers determine the best lighting setups for product photos?

We evaluate the specific item(s) you want photographed, and the mood you want to set with your brand voice. Many times we find that soft, diffused lighting is ideal. We also consider using a lightbox or diffuser cone for smaller items.

Should I use a professional commercial photographer or can I take photos myself?

For high-quality, consistent results, hire a professional. DIY for limited budgets or less critical images. We have a successful history of delivering amazing results over many years for our clients. We also know the stress of budgeting and taking time to get the photos you need, so we’re well equipped to help you make amazing choices.

What kind of background should I choose for my product photos?

A neutral, seamless backdrop (often white) highlights products effectively. Some of our customers love using colored papers and natural backgrounds that help their product stand out. Your commercial photography services include a Tulsa photographer who knows how to help your product appear best based on it’s own qualities.

How do you turn quality photos into finished images?

How do you ensure the color of the product in the photo matches its real-life color?

We use color-calibrated monitors and proper white balance settings. This has proven especially helpful in the manufacturing sector and healthcare industries, where color-coded tags, labels, and systems could be life-saving.

Do I need to invest in professional equipment? What do you bring to the session?

Quality matters. Professional commercial equipment yields better results, but smartphones can suffice for certain platforms. We pack in our own studio lighting, backgrounds, stands, and more to help your final product look amazing.

How can I use product photos to enhance in-store displays or promotions?

Large, high-res images draw attention. Use them to showcase product features and benefits prominently in both print and digital signage, as well as online. You’ll have an array of these large, high resolution images and/or video clips soon after the end of your session to start using immediately.

What else should we discuss prior to the shoot?

Is it beneficial to include people or models in product photos?

Yes, including models provides scale and context, helping customers visualize product usage. It can also help with creating the proper appearance of texture for some products.

What’s the difference between lifestyle shots and studio shots, and when should I use each?

Lifestyle shows products in real-life scenarios, often with models hands or even full bodies in the shot. Studio focuses solely on the product. Use both for context and detail throughout your campaign. We do this when shooting food photography, too!

What are the legal considerations, especially when using models or shooting in certain locations?

Obtain model releases, property permissions, and be aware of trademarked or copyrighted elements used in any shoot. We’ll help you manage these issues for each commercial photography shoot we book.

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