“Great photography is about depth of feeling,
not depth of field.”

I can’t wait to help you elevate your next project.
Here are some of the things I love helping my clients with each month.

I expertly capture the artistry and craftsmanship of your dishes, showcasing the skill of the chefs and quality of ingredients.

Make your products more attractive to your customers and increase your online and in-person orders. Ditch the phone pics and let me help you boost your brand.

From home listings to outdoor living spaces, I help your audience fall in love with the spaces around you.

Corporate events, workshops, conferences and more, captured for your highlight reels, marketing materials, and to make memories for your participants.

Look and sound your best in any virtual or in-person event.  With my background in IT, audio/video, and photography, I can bring together the elements to create exceptional events.

Our service doesn’t end when the doors close after your session or event. Let me help you use the content we’ve created to boost your brand and encourage your audience to stay engaged with your brand.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Kenneth did a great job. This is the second time he has done a photo shoot for us, and I can’t say enough good things. The results are great. He has good ideas for staging, really knows how to do lighting well, comes up with some creative shots, and is great about capturing some of the candid moments. The results are excellent. Again, I can’t say enough good things about his work.


Fantastic! VERY helpful, agreeable, supportive and beyond the call of duty as a photographer. He was on time, communicated promptly, was polite and respectful, and supplied great material for an effective price. I would recommend him again without hesitation.


Kenneth was on time and ready. Very easy to work with, and very knowledgable. A wonderful experience.


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Frequently asked questions

Monitor increased bookings, website traffic, and social media engagement post-upload. Some of your ROI will be observed in likes, comments and shares, while some of the return is observed directly in sales increases and customer visits/reviews.

Switching from cell phone pics to professional photography will also improve your ROI through improved brand perception, higher conversion rates, and increased customer trust. We’ll also discuss strategies for using your images online that can help improve your SEO and ad performance, too!

Whether it’s photo, video, or podcasts – we will help you capture your message in a clean, clear, and concise manner.

At Kenneth Baucum Photography, I delight in the details of every session. I specialize in telling your brand’s story through exceptional photography and videography. With my expertise and professional equipment, I capture the beauty of what you create, allowing you to focus on your craft while I provide tailored visual narratives that elevate your brand. From still images to dynamic videos, expect a professional, customized service that truly showcases the essence of your business.

I love getting to know prospective clients before anything official begins. I want to be sure we have a good fit primed for collaboration and creative work before either of us obligates ourselves to an ongoing relationship.

We’ll start with a simple meeting or call to discuss the business you want to see promoted, and I’ll develop an Action Plan to help you understand what I offer and what the specific steps will look like for you.  With your permission, we can move forward with implementing this Action Plan to ensure a successful outcome.

My service doesn’t end with that delivered result. Instead, I’m available to you on an ongoing basis to help you best use the photos, video, or other content that’s created to help your brand. For production work, I can help you tailor the event to be everything you dream of and more!