As a small business owner, I love finding ways to give back to my community. This event was one of those times.

I had volunteered in search and rescue (SAR) for several years before going full time in my photography business, and had trained with a great group out of Arkansas during some of those years. As the event kept growing, I wanted to help fuel future growth by capturing the essence of what the event was about, and to tell the story of how volunteer SAR changes lives.

In it’s 10th year of growth, this event allowed me to participate in the training activities, classes, and outdoor workshops, to be able to get the full experience of the SAR life.

Featured in the album are cast members from Naked and Afraid teaching survival tactics, volunteer searchers teaching life-saving skills, and professional emergency responders taking continuing education classes to stay up to date on current methods and techniques – all so a group of volunteers can help bring home missing persons safely.



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