I love being able to help my friends succeed, no matter whether it’s a side hustle, full time job, or self-employment. Many of my followers are familiar with my food photography services, but might not realize how much I love working with video, too!

For this speaker reel, we collected a handful of cell phone photos and video clips, then scheduled a few video shoots at Shalynne’s speaking events around Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Taking these 4K video clips, along with licensed music, A and B-roll, and a sprinkling of screen captures from Zoom and cell phone snaps, we created a product that will propel Shalynne’s consultancy to the forefront anytime she applies to speak at conferences, or submits an RFP for local business consulting.

With a proven track record of transforming businesses from the inside out, Shalynne is here to guide your company to new heights. Discover why top businesses trust her to light the way forward.



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