I picked up a probe camera lens for this demo reel about food video, starring one of my favorite subjects, “Convicted Melon.” For those who might not know, Liquid Death is a company that creates drink products in metal cans, on the notion that plastic kills the environment and aluminum cans are easier to recycle. So they suggest you “murder your thirst” using their products. Some days, I agree 🙂 so I keep a few cans around to drink when I’m not already drinking regular water.

Check out the speed ramps and camera work in this short clip…then scroll on down to see my modified can.

Here’s the can that I used for not only the authentic product photos and video, but also for the inside can practical effect with pour.

I used tin snips and a razor to get the bottom of the can removed, then covered the sharp edge with gaffer’s tape. I then pierced the side of the can to create a “top” where the pour could start. The lens I used is waterproof, so the pour took place directly over the lens housing and allowed the liquid to fall around the sides of the can until it ran naturally out of the mouth of the can.

To hold the can steady during the pour and keen the lens aligned, I used some pick-and-pluck foam to create a soft holster for the lens to enter the can without causing any damage. the lens also had a single wrap of gaffer’s tape on it for friction to hold against the foam.

All in all, a fun shoot at home that took about 3 hours from start to finish!



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