We love shooting in the great outdoors! While we’re skilled in creating our own lighting scenarios in studio, we also love a little natural light photography, too. Evenings like this one lend themselves to a mix of both.

The great folks over at Beyond the Backdoor wanted to capture the amazing work the team did in constructing a backyard oasis and outdoor living space. While the surrounding houses and landscaping were beautiful, the timing of our shoot meant that we wouldn’t have the actual sunset (and that orange glow) for the whole shoot. With this in mind, I packed a pair of AD200Pro lights and a AD600Pro by Godox and used some orange gels to color whichever unit I was using.

We didn’t want to overdo it and have too much orange to recolor the whole shot, but we did need just a little pop on the reflective surfaces and also needed some fill light to knock down a few shadows here and there. (Funny how the camera sees things so much differently than our eyes sometimes.)

Here’s what we came up with! You can see the glow in some pictures more than others as we adjusted natural vs artificial light to get the look we wanted in each frame.

The next morning, we returned to get just a few more shots while the sun was in a different place in the sky. What do you think?



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