Protecting your skin from the sun is important, and using quality ingredients for the things you put in and on your body is important, too. That’s why my wife and I love “All Good” products that “Make Everybody Better.”

I saw some inspiration on Instagram for creating a swimming pool effect, and once again decided it needed to happen in my livingroom.


I grabbed a few things to make this shoot come together: blue seamless paper, acrylic tray, Duo Boards from VFlatWorld, an apple box, and “the sun.” (My sun is a Godox AD600Pro)

Behind the scenes, building a pool in my livingroom

I needed to create a gap between the top surface of the water and the “deck” of my pool, so I started with the apple box laying on it’s side. on the floor, I placed the blue paper with the clear acrylic tray on the floor, added water, and placed the gray concrete Duo Board on top of the apple box.

I did this shoot tethered to my laptop so I could see the results on a larger screen in real time. I placed my light at a spot that replicated the peak sun over the pool, but still giving me enough angle for a good hard shadow. Using an actual piece of concrete or decking would probably lend to a more realistic shot, but I think the Duo board did great for a simple livingroom shoot.

One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is not just capturing things as they are, but sometimes creating whole worlds that don’t really exist, all to show off the great products that my clients and businesses I love have to offer.



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