waffles fruit and coffee

I really enjoyed this shoot! It was the first one that I did out of sheer boredom.


Walking through Costco, I saw a display with these waffles, and the product photo that was on the side of the cardboard display caught my eye. As a food photographer, if it catches my eye, it is doing it’s job well. But, I wanted to add my own touches.

I bought the waffles, fruit, and gathered some materials at home to make this come together. A few days after the initial inspiration, I decided I was ready to do the shoot. Keep in mind, this was on my coffee table at home.


I started out with my bare coffee table, adding Duo Boards from VFlatWorld for my background and table top. I grabbed my kit, lovingly called the “food shoot box,” and grabbed a small bread board, kitchen towel, and went to my own kitchen for a pair of glass bowls. My pantry was raided to find the powered sugar and a sifter.

I started layout out the pieces the way I wanted them to appear on camera, taking photos along the way both from the perspective I wanted, as well as from my Behind the Scenes (BTS) view. Once I got to the point you see in the photo above, I switched my camera to burst mode and got ready for “the drop.”


Having proved my lighting setup and camera settings up to this point, I was ready for a high speed burst of images. I did this so that I could drop my fruit pieces and syrup from above in real time, rather than using wires and stands to hold objects in space. You can do it either way, this was the way I wanted to use for this setup.

I captured about a dozen pieces of fruit falling onto my waffle, with about 250 images in a few sets of bursts. The final image ended up being composed of around 20 images, mostly the base layer, but then adding on a few layers for fruit, and a couple layers for the syrup trickle.

I absolutely #lovemyjob doing food shoots to support #smallbusiness all over Oklahoma. I look forward to the next shoot, and sharing with you how it worked behind the scenes!



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