In the heart of Tulsa, amidst the historical ambiance of the National BMX Hall of Fame, the Tulsa Business Owners Networking Group held its October in-person event on the 3rd. A perfect blend of history, business, and networking, this event was not one to miss. If you couldn’t make it, here’s your round-up!

A Venue to Remember:

The National BMX Hall of Fame in Tulsa is not just about honoring legends of BMX but, on this particular day, it served as a backdrop for fostering connections among Tulsa’s leading business minds. The displays and memorabilia added an engaging touch to the morning, making conversations even more memorable.

Networking with Purpose:

The event saw a turnout of about 75 attendees, each bringing their unique entrepreneurial spirit to the table. But what truly sets the Tulsa Business Owners Networking Group apart is its ethos. With a staggering community of over 4,500 members, the emphasis is not on sales pitches or flashy advertising. Instead, it’s about building authentic relationships. The idea? Build friendships, earn trust, and business will naturally follow.

Community Voices:

Throughout the morning, attendees shared their experiences, stories of success, and the value of being part of such a trust-based community. Their testimonials spoke volumes about the group’s philosophy and its impact.

Join the Movement:

If you’re a business owner in Tulsa or its vicinity, and you believe in the power of real connections, the Tulsa Business Owners Networking Group is where you need to be. With monthly events and an ever-growing community, this is the perfect platform to intertwine friendship and business.



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