On October 12th, 2023, Tulsa witnessed a groundbreaking event in the HR industry. “DisruptHR Tulsa” took center stage at the renowned WOMPA – the largest creative compound in the Midwest. As the heart of creative and entrepreneurial growth, WOMPA’s unique backdrop painted the perfect scene for an event designed to challenge and change the way we think about human resources.

At its core, DisruptHR is more than just an event; it’s an information exchange platform that aims to energize, inform, and empower those in the HR field. This year, the event did precisely that. It wasn’t just about speeches and presentations but also about making meaningful connections and embracing the future of HR.

WOMPA, with its rich history transformed into an incubator and accelerator for innovative minds, was the ideal venue. Within its walls, the event brought together over 100 of the region’s top creative thinkers, business owners, and makers. These individuals represent a myriad of sectors, but on this day, they united under the banner of human resources.

The evening kicked off with a relaxed happy hour, setting a casual tone and allowing attendees to mingle and network in a more personal setting. As the night progressed, presentations lit up the stage, each speaker bringing fresh insights and perspectives on various HR topics.

However, the real beauty of the event lay in the dedicated space where local HR professionals could interact directly with vendors. This direct interaction proved invaluable, allowing for real-time discussions, feedback, and the initiation of potential partnerships.

In summary, DisruptHR Tulsa wasn’t just another HR event. It was a celebration of ideas, innovation, and connections, all set against the inspiring backdrop of WOMPA. As the HR field continues to evolve and adapt, events like these remind us of the power of collaboration and the importance of staying ahead of the curve.



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