Hello, friends!

On the evening of October 19th, I had the privilege of not only attending and co-sponsoring, but also capturing the vibrant moments of the Tulsa Business Owners Networking Group’s bowling event. Let me just say this – business and bowling make for a fantastic combination!

First off, a massive shoutout to all the businesses that sponsored this memorable evening. Leading these generous supporters was the fantastic team at Blue Dog Carpet Cleaning.

As the pins were set up, and the neon lights cast a glow on the alleys, the atmosphere was electric. You could feel the enthusiasm and camaraderie in the air. It wasn’t just about strikes, spares, or the occasional gutter ball, but about connecting with fellow business owners in a relaxed, fun setting.

Throughout the night, I had my camera in hand, trying to encapsulate the essence of the evening – the laughter, the friendly competitions, and the casual chats over a slice of pizza or a cold drink. And let me tell you, Tulsa’s business community knows how to have a good time!

I’ve uploaded a photo gallery to give you a glimpse of this fantastic night. Each picture tells a story – of joy, friendship, and the thriving spirit of Tulsa’s business community.

In conclusion, evenings like these remind us of the importance of community and connection. The Tulsa Business Owners Networking Group’s bowling night was not just about the game but about coming together, fostering relationships, and having a great time.

Until the next event, keep those business cards calendars handy and those bowling shoes polished!



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